Accepted papers

On-Phone CNN Model-based Implicit Authentication to Secure IoT Wearables
Sayanton Vhaduri Dibbo (Dartmouth College); Sudip Vhaduri (Fordham University) and William Cheung (Fordham University)

What Do Your Smart-Home Devices Reveal About You?
Hima Boddupalli (University of Colorado Boulder); Shivakant Mishra (University of Colorado Boulder) and Mohammad Almutawa (Kuwait University)

A Secure and Scalable IoT Consensus Protocol
Beverley MacKenzie (Abertay)

Assessing the Resistance of Internet of Things Applications Against Memory Corruption Attacks: A Case Study for Contiki and Tizen
Maryam Mouzarani (Isfahan University of Technology) and Mohammad Basiri (Isfahan University of Technology)

Session Key Agreement Protocol for Secure D2D Communication
Vincent Nyangaresi (om Mboya University College)

Lightweight Encryption for Privacy Preserving, Authentication and Key Agreement Policy for Cloud Assisted IOT
S B Goyal (City University, Malaysia); Pradeep Bedi (Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun, India); Jugnesh Kumar (St Andrews Institute of Technology and Management, Gurugram, India) and Dr. Ankita (St Andrews Institute of Technology and Management, Gurugram, India)

Opportunistic Multi-Modal User Authentication for Health-Tracking IoT Wearables
Alexa Muratyan (Fordham University); William Cheung (Fordham University); Sayanton Vhaduri Dibbo (Dartmouth College) and Sudip Vhaduri (Fordham University)

On the Analysis of MUD-Files’ Interactions, Conflicts, and Configuration Requirements Before Deployment
Vafa Andalibi (Indiana University Bloomington); Eliot Lear (Cisco Systems); DongInn Kim (Indiana University Bloomington) and Jean Camp (Indiana University Bloomington)

Proposal of a pedagogical strategy to ensure the continuity of teaching in the rural areas of countries in conflict: the case of the Higher Institute of Rural Development in the Central African Republic
Ghislain Mervyl Kossingou (University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar (UCAD), Laboratory of Computing, Networks and Telecoms (LIRT), Higher Polytechnic School (ESP)); Nadège Gladys Fiohena Gaunefet Ndassimba (LIRT/ESP/UCAD); Edgard Ndassimba (LIRT/ESP/UCAD) and Samuel Ouya (LIRT/ESP/UCAD)

A Cybersecurity Guide for Using Fitness Devices
Maria Bada (University of Cambridge) and Basie von Solms (University of Johannesburg)

An efficient algorithm for human abnormal behaviour detection using object detection and pose estimation
Arun Solanki (Gautam Buddha University) and Vaishnavi Narang (Gauatam Buddha University)

Natural Scenes’ Text Detection and Recognition using CNN and Pytesseract
Ashee Mahajan (Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering); Anand Nayyar (Duy Tan University); Rachna Jain (Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering) and Preeti Nagrath (Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering)

A Quantum-Resistant and Fast Secure Boot for IoT Devices Using Hash-Based Signatures and SRAM PUFs
Roberto Román (Universidad de Sevilla) and Iluminada Baturone(Universidad de Sevilla)