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First International Conference on Safety and Security in Internet of Things

October 28, 2014 | Rome, Italy

Co-located scientific conferences


28 - 29 October, 2014 – Rome, Italy


Scientific conferences overview:

The IOT360 event is an unique opportunity to attend several technical scientific conferences with one registration, in one place and to get a 360° scientific view on IoT world:

  • The First International Conference on IoT in Urban Space (Urb-IoT 2014): a fresh and exciting conference that aims to explore the dynamics between the Internet of Things (IoT) and the new science of cities.
  • The First International Conference on IoT Technologies for HealthCare (HealthyIoT 2014): this conference aims to bring together technology experts, researchers, industry and international authorities contributing towards the assessment, development and deployment of healthcare solutions based on IoT technologies, standards and procedures.

  • The First International Conference on Cognitive Internet of Things Technologies (COIOTE 2014): Cognitive IoT aims at gathering enthusiastic researchers and practitioners from AI and IoT-related areas sharing the common goal of addressing the new challenges posed by the Cognitive aspect of IoT, by using new or leveraging existing Artificial Intelligence techniques.

  • First International Conference on Safety and Security in Internet of Things (SaSeIoT 2014): IoT will have an enormous impact on our future infrastructures; in the context of safety and security this is at the same time a challenge (How can we design IoT infrastructures secure and resilient?) and an opportunity (How can we use IoT for better safety and security?). This new conference aims to explore these dynamics within the scope of IoT in the context of Safety and Security.

  • International Conference on IoT as a Service (IoTaaS 2014): the conference is meant to bring together researchers and practitioners, from academia and from the industry, being it large Telcos and service providers, or SMEs who are interested in creating IoT based value added services.
  • International Conference on Pervasive Games (PERGAMES 2014): this workshop shows how to change the face of play by designing for: who plays, when and where they play and what that play means to all involved. It will tackle key aspects of pervasive games that concern game designers and stakeholders: what makes these games compelling, what makes them possible today and how they are made. For game researchers, it provides a solid theoretical, philosophical and aesthetic understanding of this genre as well as its several application areas.

  • International Conference on Software-Defined and Virtualized Future Wireless Networks (SDWN 2014): this is a new conference that aims to explore the new design space, the new challenges and solutions, as well as new applications and services of software-defined virtualized future mobile and wireless networks.

  • International Conference on Mobility and Smart Cities (Mobility IoT 2014): the goal of this conference is to provide a platform for cross-fertilization of ideas and to present cutting edge innovations and technologies for sustainable solutions to the mobility agenda. The process will be driven by fostering the participation of different stakeholders in Europe and around the world. To empower the triple helix of university research, industry and government, with innovative opportunities oriented on smart growth with ICT support.